Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nature's Bounty

Gardening is a very humbling experience. With a little effort one is blessed with the precious bounty, nature can offer us. With a few days of heat and sunshine, my garden has reaped me so many vegetables.

I have been harvesting peas, radishes, spinach, lettuce (though the lettuce has now turned a tad bitter due to the summer days), fenugreek leaves, beets, dill and a few yellow wax beans. For the first time I ate radish pods after I saw this delicious recipe. Between admiring the bounty and the beauty of my garden, weeding therapy, dreading the appearence of late blight on my tomatoes , I am thoroughly enjoying eating off the land. Though now I wish I owned a tiny farm (BTW check out the link of tiny farm, one of my favourite virtual hangouts). So enjoy the photos below.

Dill, fenugreek leaves, a few yellow wax beans, beet, radish

Peas, lettuce

Radish pods

This week's harvest

How beautiful is my garden

Finally a red ripe tomato

The first cucumber

Bush Beans

Flat Beans on the way


Looks like the nasturtium flower is capturing the sun

Peas ready to be picked

Lush Beet greens