Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Senses

This week truly feels like summer in CT. After endless rains drenched part of June and the whole of July, hazy hot humid (hopefully dry) days and nights are finally here. The sunflowers have started to bloom. The tomatoes are ripening on the plants that have been spared by the late blight. I see more bees this year than I did last year. Hope they survived the CCD. Great relief and joy to have them back. My vegetable patch infact is thriving, I must say, with vegetables, flowers, bees, butterflies, insects and ofcourse the weeds. I hardly visit the grocery store except to buy milk and bread. But I was saddened by the appearence of mums for sale. Well mums, to me, signify that fall is not far away, cooler nights leading to decay in my garden. I pull through winter with images and thoughts of spring and summer. One look at my tomato plants and I can see the impending fall, the tomato foliage is ripe with septoria leaf spot. This is a fungal disease which slowly robs the plants of its foliage. But thankfully I am still able to harvest all the ripe tomatoes.

Anyway here I am enjoying the sweltering summer heat and ranting about fall. So to revel in the present, I have posted some fabulous summer shots from my garden. Truly these engage your all of your senses- sights, sounds, tastes, touch and smells of summer.

Okra-sign of Summer heat

Tomatoes and Basil-Summer in Bowl

Blueberries waiting to be picked

Tree-ripe peaches

Female Flower on a Cucumber plant

Bitter gourd