Sunday, September 27, 2009

End of Summer

Fall is here. The temperatures are milder during the day and nights pose a threat for frost. Pumpkins and mums are on sale, tomatoes have been disposed due to the blight, summer vegetables are winding down and the sunflowers are throwing giant shadows with their drying up flower heads. Its sad how fall can bring an end to the summer garden in a matter of days.

The more colorful side of fall is definitely the beautiful fall foliage. Winter will be here before we know it and everything will be buried under the cover of snow. So now you know I am
really not a winter person. And there are 25 weeks before the next spring. On that note, few pictures from my garden these past weeks.

Bee enjoying the sunflowers. You can even see the pollen on the bee.

White Japanese eggplant

Last of the yellow bush beans

Okra blossom

Carrots peeking out of the soil. Ready for harvest.

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